A message from the founders

We launched Politica back in December 2016 with one clear goal in mind: to create a platform or rather a stellar tool-set that would empower media to help people comprehend their place in politics and elections further subsequently boosting participation.

Our 3-year path has taken us to many places across the globe, where it has been evident that citizens face all sorts of issues, both simple as well complicated, where data may or may not help. The general consensus is that knowledge is power and understanding and democratizing data is the future.

While the world is changing at a fast pace, we have decided that we will be changing even faster so as to help empower citizens all over the world to take back what is rightfully theirs. Dignity, sense of security, trust in their governments and institutions. It is time for tech tools to work for us.

All of us.

Stay tuned for our product announcements.

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